Why "Deal Or No Deal" works

“Deal Or No Deal” garners nice ratings for NBC and its a show that is relatively inexpensive to produce and because it has no continuing story can be repeated in any order. “Deal Or No Deal” works because the premise is simple to understand and unlike shows such as “Jeopardy” or “Wheel Of Fortune” the contestants don’t have to answer questions or solve things; this also makes the show easier to watch for everyone. The addition of attractive women opening the cases also doesn’t hurt. The main reason the show works is because of Howie Mandel and his ability to build tension and empathize with the contestants as well as being able to dispatch the quick one liners. Howie’s ability to interact with everyone and make the show entertaining is why this show is ahead of the normal game show. If NBC doesn’t over expose this show they could get good steady ratings for a long time.

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