"Total Request Live" Is Now Taped Not Live

“Total Request Live” or “TRL” as it is often called on MTV is now not live all the time and taped. The show for many years was a huge ratings success with Carson Daly as the host. “TRL” filmed at its Time Square studios was a must see show for many teens and a place where all the biggest names in pop music would stop to be interview and perform. Carson Daly left the show in 2003 and I don’t think the show ever recovered. The ratings have fallen steadily since then and online music and videos have fragmented the audience for the show. Recently MTV has announced cut backs worldwide and it seems by going to a taped format instead of live is another cost cutting move. According to MTV they will have live shows on Monday and Wednesday and then right after tape a show for the following day. MTV have said they are not changing the name of the show on days they are recorded instead of live. I cannot blame MTV for doing this because shows such as “The Tonight Show” and “Late Night With David Letterman” are taped at 5pm in the afternoon for broadcast later and nobody minds. If “TRL” got the same ratings that they got when Carson Daly was the host they wouldn’t be doing this. Right now the MTV VJ’s rotate hosting the show.
>>MTV weekdays at 3:30pm

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