"Studio 60" To Be Cancelled Rumors

There are rumors that NBC’s high pushed show “Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip” is to be canceled. The critics have not been kind to the show and the ratings haven’t been that stellar so anything is possible. The show is expensive to produce with a large cast and NBC has recently announced that it is cutting costs by putting game shows and less expensive programming such as reality shows in the 8pm hour. After pushing the show so heavily with things such as having the show available on Netflix before its premiere for example it would be a surprise if NBC gave up so easily. Recently NBC has shown repeats of “Friday Night Lights” its other struggling drama on many nights in order to help the show gain viewers. NBC recently ordered three more scripts for “Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip” and I hope give the show another time slot or at least finish the season before making a decision on the shows fate although in the current market the show could be yanked tomorrow.

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