REVIEW: "Robin Hood" On BBC America

Over the years the legend of Robin Hood has been told many times in British television shows as well as Hollywood movies. The outlaw who steals from the rich to give to the poor has been shown in classic movies staring Douglas Fairbanks and Errol Flynn in Hollywood’s Golden Age. More recently Hollywood has made movies about Robin Hood such as the hilarious spoof “Men In Tights” and “Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves” starring Kevin Costner which was a good movie other than Kevin Costner’s accent kept changing though out the movie. Television over the years has had several Robin Hood based series over the years including the British ITV production which was shown in the USA on Showtime. This brings us to the current BBC version being shown on BBC America which is simply called “Robin Hood.” This lavish production is slick and well acted with impressive action scenes. The leading role of Robin Hood is played by someone i hadn’t seen before Jonas Armstrong. He is not your typical Hollywood action star and when you first see him you maybe a bit surprised that he is playing Robin Hood but after you watch for a bit you can see why he is. Jonas Armstrong has a strong screen presence and the way he plays the role is very believable. Robin travels with his former servant Much who is often the comic relief in situations. Marian is of course played by a beautiful woman in this case Lucy Griffiths but this Marian is spirited and independent and a very modern women even though this is a period piece. The Sheriff played well by Keith Allen is ruthless with warped humor a bit like Alan Rickman in “Prince Of Thieves.” The final main character is Sir Guy Of Gisborne played by Richard Armitage who is vain and ambitious and someday hopes Marian fall for him. In closing the action sequences are well done and fast paced and for the most part very realistic. The sets and acting are top rate with good performances from whole cast. The scripts are well written and include humor without messing up the believability of the show. If you like action shows I suggest you check this one out its a fun ride to watch. >>BBC AMERICA at 8pm on Saturdays

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