REVIEW: "Ready, Set, Change!"

Home makeover shows can be found across the cable television dial especially on channels such the Home and Garden TV; This home makeover show called “Ready, Set, Change!”is actually on the TV Guide Channel which seems a strange place for it until you realize that the makeovers are television related. Show host Rosanna Tavarez first meets with a family who wants two of their rooms made over like sets of their favorite television shows. The family then leaves so a designer with carpenters and crew can begin the makeover process. Rosanna Taverez often helps out and you also get the see the problems that crop up in the makeover process. After everything is completed Rosanna Taverez shows the family the completed rooms which are made over in what theme they requested whether thats “Cheers” Or “Boston Legal ” or whatever they picked. If you like makeover shows you will enjoy this one which is a different take on the idea. This show is on at various times on the TV Guide Channel especially on weekends so check local listing for times. Click on the title of this story to be taken to the show website.

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