Review: Nanny 911 On Fox

I just watched the season premiere of Nanny 911 on Fox and it is very similar to Super Nanny on ABC. But the main difference is there are three English nannies instead of just the one on Super Nanny. Each week a different nanny goes to a house where the’re are out of control children. Over a weeks time the nanny helps them solve their problems which sometimes can be as much the parents as the kids. The nanny will observe first and then put together some rules and provides leadership to help them. The show is so close to Super Nanny in format that you could be confused if you switched between the two. The show is a feel good show with a family each week coming to deal with their problems and usually resulting in a happy ending as the nanny is leaving at the end of the week. The show is a bit corny but i must say it is worth watching. If you want to watch it the show is now on Friday nights at 8pm on Fox.

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