Piers Morgan Live Coming To End

The fact that Piers Morgan Live is being cancelled as the ratings for the CNN prime time show have been terrible even for a network that has struggled in the ratings itself. Piers Morgan the bombastic British former newspaper editor took over from television and radio legend Larry King who was known for asking soft ball questions to his guests with a more celeb friendly format. Piers Morgan had a more confrontational approach and his stance on gun control I’m sure didn’t win him many viewers in the so called red states. Throughout his shows run Piers Morgan was always a Brit in America and never seemed get away from that, Americans like British personalities such as Gordon Ramsey but seemed to be less interested in a British interviewer who references life in England on his show. The hunt for a replacement for Piers Morgan now begins with every talk show host or journalist you can think of will be mentioned as a replacement. If I had to hazard a guest of who will take over I would put my money on former talk show host Rosie O Donnell  but other names being thrown out also could be interesting such as Anthony Bourdain who already has a weekend show on CNN. As of right now Piers Morgan is still on the air and we will likely see a huge many names thrown out as a replacement as agents push stories and names to the media to get their clients names out there. Whoever takes over will have a tough job going up against more opinionated shows on MSNBC and FOX News although with the ratings so low for Piers Morgan tonight any increase in audience would be seen as a win.

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