Pepsi Halftime Show

First off i must admit I’m not that familiar with The Weeknd the halftime show was grand as always and he was quite the showman he also seemed to be enjoying himself.

Being able to use one end of the field instead where high ticket priced paying fans would normally sit was an advantage and allowed for the huge set design. In a normal year pieces of the stage would have to be dragged on and off but as i set piece he was able to move around it.

The main issues for me about the performance were that he has a small song catalog with not as many well known as an Aerosmith, J Lo or even Coldplay would have which means he couldn’t use different songs to build to the finally.

One think that would have helped him was a surprise musical guest which never happened so it was great if you were a Weeknd fan but he seemed to forget he was playing to a wider audience of not just his fans.

In the end it was a good performance with a lot of energy but it won’t be remembered as one of the greatest,

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