"Las Vegas" Renewed Now The Bad News

NBC announced they have renewed “Las Vegas” for a fifth season starting in the fall. Now the bad news, the show will be back without two of its stars James Caan and Nikki Cox. James Caan wasn’t a complete surprise he had hinted in the past that he wanted to get back to making movies instead of television. The problem with James Caan leaving he was the anchor for the show and he was for the most part believable even as the story lines of the characters around him got sillier and sillier. Nikki Cox’s departure is more of a surprise and it seems she was let go because of budget cuts on the show. I like “Las Vegas” but since it was relegated to Friday night i don’t see it much and judging by the ratings im not the only one. In the past I never used to miss a show but because of the time slot and because the scripts are getting more and more far fetched its not must see for me. The show is still slick looking with a good cast but unless they can find a good replacement for James Caan and get back to basic good stories it could be tough for them. >>NBC at 9pm tonight

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