Katie Couric To Make CBS Evening News Debut

Tonight Katie Couric makes her debut as host of the CBS Evening News after co hosting NBC’s Today Show for fifthteen years. Katie is the first female solo host of one of the major networks evening news shows. Some of the articles I have read have said that people won’t watch a woman in that position. I disagree I watched Elizabeth Vargas hosting World News Tonight on ABC and she did an amazing job; If Katie does half as good as a job Elizabeth did she will be fine. I’m sure Katie will get big ratings at first as people are curious and tune in to check out the programme. After the jump at first it will be interesting to see who many of those people continue to watch her instead of Brian Williams on NBC or Charles Gibson on ABC. The show Katie Couric is taking over is third in the ratings which in some ways means they are free to try new things. The landscape is changing in many ways with more people getting there news from the internet so having a women instead of a male anchor makes the show a little bit different to the past norm which isn’t a bad thing. I by the way don’t watch any of them often on television but i do watch the ABC World News Video Podcast with Charles Gibson everyday on my computer.

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