Hell’s Kitchen Heading To Las Vegas

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Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsey has announced that his hit FOX television show “Hell’s Kitchen” will be making the move to Las Vegas; The location being the Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant which is located on the Strip right in front of Caesars Palace. Gordon Ramsey made the announcement at the slightly delayed one year anniversary party of the restaurant during which he said that the 19th and 20th season of the show will be filmed at the restaurant. While the actual shooting dates of the show haven’t been announced but he said they will be beginning very soon.

Since opening the January opening last year the Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant has been very popular with the 300 seat restaurant having served over 400,000 guests in a restaurant that is very similar to the sound stage where the current series has been filmed. By filming in the Las Vegas restaurant there will be plenty of people around to fill the restaurant during taping but filming a popular television show Strip side with huge crowds of people in the nearby area could be challenging but im sure it will work out

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