Fixing "Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip"

Recently rumors have swirled on the internet that NBC plans to cancel “Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip.” If this is not true I think NBC needs to do somethings to improve the show and make it more interesting. First of all the acting on this show is very good and the drama on the show is well written thats not where the problem lies on this show; The show is set around a the production of a television show and that is where the problem lies. The “fake show” is not funny which means the whole show is dragged down. So either you need to bring in comedy writers to improve that part or find some other way to change it. The show within a show has been done so well in the past by shows like “The Gary Shandling Show” or “Larry Sanders Show” or even in “Murphy Brown” so it can be done and done well. Unless they can make the “fake show” funny or at least interesting this show could be in trouble.

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