Disney Plus An Amazing 94.9 Million Subscribers

When Disney Plus was launched it was obvious that it would be a must buy for any family with kids to get all the Disney animated classics plus the Pixar library made the service a must buy for families.

The bigger question when the service started would adults without children be willing to pay $6.99 per month for the Star Wars and Marvel movies with a few originals and some National Geographic as well as FOX content like the Simpsons.

Well it seemed the question has been answered with 94.9 million subscribers which is way about its projections. The pricing considering the depth of content available was a smart move and, raise it later as you add more content which is why their is a price increased planned for March 26th.

Disney was helped by people being at home because of the COVID-19 but also was helped by having a hit right out of the gate with Mandalorian. In a crowded market place for streaming services to get nearly 95 million subscribers so quickly is amazing but as prices rise people could start to drop some services.

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