Disney Moving To Florida?

There are reports that the Walt Disney Company is considering moving some of its operations from California to Florida. No word on which operations could move although television production seems to be the most obvious choice.

The Walt Disney Company has a huge 51 acre studio lot in Burbank but its possible that the studio could move some of its productions to Florida. After taking over FOX and its assets a reassessment of shows or television productions was always going to happen but i think there is more to this.

The Disney executives have made it known in the press that they are not happy about the ongoing closures of the Disneyland and, California theme parks with no end in sight. The fact the parks have been closed so long and, could be closed for a long time has not made them fans of California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Disney has huge operations apart from the theme parks in California and i cannot see it closing its Burbank Studio, or its animation studios for example and, moving them to Florida.

I could see some television shows moving to Florida but unless tomorrow Disney announces a 51 acre television and, movie studio being built in Florida i cannot see Disney deserting California.

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