"Dice Undisputed" Premieres March 4th On VH1

Andrew Dice Clay the controversial comedian who at one time was banned from MTV for life, is now back from retirement with a new show on VH1. The show is a reality show that documents his struggle to get back to the top and is called “Dice Undisputed.” It shows things such as his struggle taking care of two teenage sons while dealing with a broken marriage. You will also get to see his entourage of a rag tag group of middle aged buddies and road crew. The show idea sounds interesting and with Dice there should be some light hearted moments with the drama so it may be worth checking it out. So far VH1 has picked up 7 episodes of “Dice Undisputed” to be shown on Sunday nights.
>>VH1 Premieres March 4th at 10pm with 2 episodes

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