CW Network Premieres Tonight

Tonight is the night that the new CW Network premieres with America’s Next Top Model as its first show at 8pm. The CW is the new network formed from the WB and UPN networks which both were money losing. The idea with CW is to put the best shows from the former networks together with some new shows and hopefully make money. The fact that you have one less network competing for ad dollars will help but I still think it will be a tough climb for them. Building a network until it makes money can take years and the FOX network paid big bucks for the NFL to jump start its goal of becoming a success. The new network does have popular shows such as 7th Heaven, Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars and Girlfriends as well as America’s Next Top Model so it does have a good base to build from. The CW has a lot of former WB shows on the schedule so is the CW going to go after the former networks young teen viewers only or will it try to be a broader network. The long term question is how long the owners of the new network will hold out losing money until the network becomes profitable. Click on the story title to see the CW networks new promo clip.

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