Amazing Race Picked Up For 11th Season

The four time Emmy winning “Amazing Race” on CBS was just renewed by them for another season, which will be the shows 11th edition. The show where 12 teams of 2 follow clues around the world has been getting strong ratings on its new Sunday night slot. The 10th edition of the show has been averaging over 10 million viewers per episode. Every week the last team to arrive at a set pit stop could be eliminated. Over the weeks the number of teams gets less and then at the end the last few teams rush to get to the finish line and win the prize which is 1 million dollars. The show does a good job of putting together the teams of 2 of which both members have some kind of relationship with each other. The relationship could be brother/sister, friends, dating, married or whatever. The key in this race apart from being quick and smart is also being able to work together under pressure. This last thing is usually the downfall of lots of the teams because if you are fighting its going to distract from the goal. I enjoy this show and never miss it and is not just because one team this time is a Miss New York and a Miss California although being a guy that is a plus. The reason I watch it is you get to see all parts of the world and also see all the crazy things the teams have to do and watch as some times overcome as some teams fail. Its a show where you can pull for you favorites and at the same time hope that others fail. The Amazing Race is at 8pm on Sundays, check local listings.

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