"Amazing Race All Stars" Debut Review

Sunday at 8pm “Amazing Race All Stars” finally had its debut and it was great to see some some of the contestants from previous editions of the show. The show began in Miami and then they all rushed off to the airport at break neck speed. The best known team Rob and Amber from “Survivor” and “Survivor All Stars” as well as runners up on the “Amazing Race” were back. This is the team that everybody loves to hate because they are a little arrogant and because of there past success in reality shows. Rob said they had a new bag of tricks this time but when they got to the airport he actually stopped a shuttle to let another team on which is very unlike Rob; The last time Rob and Amber were on the “Amazing Race” when a car flipped over Rob keep on driving past without offering help so the fact they helped someone was surprising. All eleven teams raced towards the pit stop with some teams having trouble, Kevin/Drew blew a tire and had to drive on the rim, Vito/Jill got bad directions and Charla/Mirna who had trouble with directions too. The first team to arrive at the pit stop was Rob and Amber which should make them an even bigger target from the other teams than they were before if thats possible. In the end the last team to arrive at the pit stop was Vito/Jill who were shocked to be eliminated. In all a fairly good episode and with teams this competitive i cannot wait until the next episode. >>CBS Sundays at 8pm

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