"Amazing Race All Stars" Countdown Is On

The three time Emmy Award winning “Amazing Race” returns to CBS on Sunday February 18th at 8pm. This time its an all star series with some of your favorites from the last 10 seasons of the show. The all star format worked very well for “Survivor” and I can see it working even better for “Amazing Race All Stars.” The teams were picked from 7 of the last 10 seasons and the ones picked are a very competitive bunch so this should be very interesting. If you haven’t watched before its where teams of two people with a connection such as being relatives, friends, couples or some other connection compete against other teams of two in a race around the world. They follow clues and perform tasks together and try not to be the last team to each pit stop or they could be eliminated. The first team to cross over the finish line wins the competition and wins the prize money. If you haven’t seen the show before give it a try its a fun show to watch and see how people act under the stress of the race and to wish your favorite team on. >>CBS Sunday February 18th at 8pm

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