The Amazing Race Season Premiere Tonight

Tonight at a special time of 8:30 pm on CBS is the season premiere of one of my favorite shows “The Amazing Race”. If you are not familar with the show its where several groups of two people that have some connection follow clues and race around the world as they compete against the others. The first pair to make it over the finish line receives a one million dollar prize. Every week one the last team to arrive at that episodes pit stop could get eliminated and get send home. The race is more that just who is the fittest it also takes brains and even charm at times to get help from the locals on the way. Probally the most important thing isn’t being fittest its being able to work well with your partner even after being exhausted and not argue. Early on its fun to guess who will make it to the end and who will self distruct at some point. The mixture of teams is always well done with totally different people from different walks of life. Some teams help each other at times and some don’t but its interesting to see how people react under stress. If you like reality shows and haven’t watched this one before i say give it a try.

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