Sense 8 Cancelled By Netflix

Netflix has announced that they are canceling their edgy sci-fi show Sense8 after two seasons. The show revolves around eight people from all over the world that have a connection that allows them to tap in to one another’s thought’s and skill’s; Because of this mental connection the group can share their life together which sounds interesting and, a little scary I must admit. The group doesn’t enjoy a relaxing time though as they are hunted by a mysterious organization. If you haven’t checked out the show and, have a Netflix account you can always check out the twenty-three episodes of the two seasons they have. (Video Courtesy Of Netflix)

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Full House Reboot Coming To Netflix

Its finally official the reboot of the corny class family show ‘Full House’ is coming to Netflix after several months of rumors. The shows reboot has been given the go ahead by the online service with thirteen new episodes of the former ABC comedy. In the above video of an appearance on the Jimmie Kimmel Live show, John Stamos  describes that first episode will be more of a reunion show and then later episodes showcasing three of the girls from the original show with their kids, so kind of Full House the next generation. The show should garner an audience from people that grew up with the show and now may have their own kids to show the new Full House too; But it should be interesting to see how a younger generation that hasn’t seen the original takes to the show which will ultimately have to stand as a new show if it wants to be renewed past the original thirteen episodes. {Video Courtesy Of Jimmie Kimmel LIve}

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Orange Is The New Black Trailer

Above is the official trailer of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ which returns to Netflix on June 12th for its third season. The critically acclaimed drama about life behind the walls of a women’s prison has become a big hit for Netflix and should get big viewership as we head in to the generally slower viewership over the Summer months for television. The viewership is lower at this time because most people are busy outdoors and doing other things but i wonder with more shows being available on demand such as this one available when we are free if the Summer drop off will be less pronounced in the future. {Video Courtesy Of Netflix}

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