Save By The Bell Returning

There hasn’t been a lot of details about the upcoming NBC streaming service other than it would be free to current cable and satellite subscribers with commercials but would be available to non subscribers for a charge. Details about programming have been vague other than NBC’s the Office being exclusively available on the new service when it launches next year.

Now comes the news that NBC’s  Saturday morning show Saved By The Bell is going to be part of the new streaming service with new episodes with the original cast. The original show run for four seasons on NBC plus a season in prime time for the college years which never really took off,

Thirty years on from the original series now Zack Morris is governor of California (an actor as governor of California that would never happen oh nevermind 🙂  Anyways Zack as governor gets in trouble for closing too many low income schools so he decides to send the students to the highest performing schools in the state including Bayside High. I Presume they are gong to pay off the differences between the lower income kids and the rich kids of Bayside High as well as work the old cast in. 

I don’t know how well the reboot will work but i will watch and either way its a smart move for NBC as in the world of streaming competition the depth of their library is important snd this adds to the available shows to stream; By adding a known show to the service it also entices people to check out the service for the show where they might stick around.




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