Review: Survivor Cook Islands Premiere On CBS

Okay this past Thursday saw the premiere of Survivor: Cook Islands on CBS. The longtime popular show has tried sometime new in the face of softening ratings that is dividing the teams by race. When this idea was announced the shows main sponsor General Motors bailed out and it caused a lot of negative stories to be written. I believe the idea is not a good one and playing races against each other to grab ratings is a dangerous idea. In a worse case senario the show could play to negative racial stereotypes which would not be good for anyone. Okay after seeing the first episode where there are four teams divided by race it does seem at least so far to be an interesting show. The four teams are the Asian, Hispanic, Caucasian and African American and that is also the position each team finished in the competition with the African American team losing one member in tribal council. The interesting part about the African American team was that the group consisted of three women and two men; where the two men made all the decisions on there own but at triabal council the three women voted one of them out. Another interesting part was how the Asian team was made up of people from countries all over Asia but when it came to competition they worked well together. I am open minded and will give the show a chance, when the Amazing Race did a family addition I was worried, but it worked out okay so i will give Survivor: Cook Islands a chance.

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