Piers Morgan Live Coming To End

The fact that Piers Morgan Live is being cancelled as the ratings for the CNN prime time show have been terrible even for a network that has struggled in the ratings itself. Piers Morgan the bombastic British former newspaper editor took over from television and radio legend Larry King who was known for asking soft ball questions to his guests with a more celeb friendly format. Piers Morgan had a more confrontational approach and his stance on gun control I’m sure didn’t win him many viewers in the so called red states. Throughout his shows run Piers Morgan was always a Brit in America and never seemed get away from that, Americans like British personalities such as Gordon Ramsey but seemed to be less interested in a British interviewer who references life in England on his show. The hunt for a replacement for Piers Morgan now begins with every talk show host or journalist you can think of will be mentioned as a replacement. If I had to hazard a guest of who will take over I would put my money on former talk show host Rosie O Donnell  but other names being thrown out also could be interesting such as Anthony Bourdain who already has a weekend show on CNN. As of right now Piers Morgan is still on the air and we will likely see a huge many names thrown out as a replacement as agents push stories and names to the media to get their clients names out there. Whoever takes over will have a tough job going up against more opinionated shows on MSNBC and FOX News although with the ratings so low for Piers Morgan tonight any increase in audience would be seen as a win.

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Game Of Thrones To Return April 6th


After viewing the second season of House Of Cards on Netflix many of the same viewers are looking forward to the return of Game Of Thrones to HBO on April 6th at 9pm. After last seasons Red Wedding shocker to many that hadn’t read the book the fans are eagerly waiting for the next season to begin and as we learn’t last season no character is ever safe. As you can see from the trailer above it looks like another interesting season with lots of the usual drama but its a little while more to get your Game Of Thrones fix  but its not too far away.

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"Jericho" Neighbor Problems Tonight

On “Jericho” tonight tensions heat up between the residents of Jericho and the neighboring town of New Bern. Several people are shot and injured when they try to steal salt from Jericho’s salt mine. Nothing worse than salt free French fries (just kidding) but it looks like Jericho is heading for an all out conflict with its neighbors. This show is one of my favorites and, was to many a surprise hit but the ratings have dropped since it returned from its break. “Jericho” is a well written drama with some good acting and i hope it gets renewed for another season although at the moment it looks like its on the bubble.
>>Tonight at 8pm on CBS

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TV On DVD: "Happy Days" Season Two

New this month on dvd is season two of the 1970’s television hit “Happy Days.” This classic show set in Milwaukee in the 1950’s is good family entertainment. This is the season where the Fonz becomes a main character and helps Richie as he grows up. Also Richie’s older brother Chuck who was in the first season is gone but you won’t miss him. This set includes all 23 episodes of the second season on a 4 disc set.

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"October Road" To Have Two New Regulars

The mid season drama “October Road” has promoted two recurring players on the show to fall time members of the cast beginning this fall. The two players are Lindy Booth who plays “Pizza Girl” and Rebecca Field who plays “Janet The Planet.” This seems to be a good sign for this show and looks like the network has faith in the show which helps its chance of coming back after its season ends this Thursday on ABC.

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Sanjaya Reads Top Ten List Last Night

Sanjaya Malakar the contestant on “American Idol” who was the most recent cast off from that show last night read the Top Ten List on the “Late Show With David Letterman.” Sanjaya became famous for his less than stellar singing on “American Idol” but remained in the competition because he was a fan favorite and also had people like Howard Stern getting people to vote for him. The 17 year old from Seattle was popular for his goofy charm and right now he is making the most of his fame. On last nights “Late Show” Sanjaya read the a Top Ten List that was titled “Things I Learned From American Idol.” Here are three of the funnier items from the list;

>The camera adds ten pounds to your hair
>Voting for yourself 100 times an hour causes some wicked carpal tunnel
>America loves performers with bad hair – right, Dave?

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