Has "American Idol" Lost Its Edge?

First of all i must say i enjoy “American Idol” and have watched it over many seasons but this year seems a little lackluster. Even ignoring the fact that Sanjaya shouldn’t have been in the finals and, having to watch him every week. At least Sanjaya made the show interesting in recent weeks the performances have been dull and uninspired to say the least. The Latin Week as well as the week with Tony Bennett were probably the two worse weeks as far as performances went. I have read that it is being said that the talent pool of really amazing singers is drying up for the long running show but i don’t think that is the case. On the show this year you have three really good female singers although a lot of the time their performances seem safe and not that exciting. Taylor Hicks last seasons winner didn’t have a voice that blew you away but he put in solid performances which were entertaining to watch. I hope that now we are down to the last few contestants they can step it up and make there performances more exciting otherwise we will have a dull finale.

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