CBS Survivor Debut Has Lower Ratings

The latest installment of CBS’s Survivor debuted to its lowest ratings of a premiere since season one. Thursdays premiere called Survivor: Cook Islands had an audience of 15.5 million in the 18-49 age group which compares with 19.2 million for the last premiere Survivor: Exile Island back in February. Over the last few weeks there has been plenty of discussion over this seasons idea to break up the Survivors by race; General Motors the shows main sponsor for six years, pulled out soon after this was announced although they said it had nothing to do with the race issue. Because of all the discussion over seperating the teams by race you would have thought that people would have tuned in at least for the first episode to see what happens. I don’t know if people were turned off by the idea or it was just the fact that some of the Survivor audience has moved on to other shows. Survivor was the show that started the reality craze on network television and I still enjoy it. The show was up against mostly weak competition except for a couple of new comedies on Fox so even though the audience was 15.5 million it will be interesting to see what happens when the other networks premiere their shows and how much of that audience remains with Survivor.

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