Utopia Cancelled By FOX


The huge reported $50 million bet by FOX on the elaborate reality show Utopia is over as FOX has pulled the plug and canceled the show. The show where a group of people was put together to build a community from scratch, has struggled in the ratings ever since its August debut as well as getting not great reviews. Utopia was a huge production with 130 robotic cameras filming around the clock and streaming to its website which as since been closed down. The cancelation of Utopia isn’t really a surprise as the ratings were so poor for all the promotion all the show got, the question really was at which point would FOX cancel the show. FOX was hoping for the next Survivor or Big Brother but it’s been a while since a new big network reality show became a hit since the Voice in 2011 on NBC. The big question for network executives is if the boom in reality shows is over or if this just an issue with people not being interested in this one show.

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UK TV: The Apprentice Returns Tonight

Alan Sugar returns tonight as this time a team of 20 hopefuls look to become the Apprentice and have the successful businessman from the East End of London invest in their business. The English version on the BBC still uses unknowns as opposed to US version with Donald Trump that uses celebrity apprentices and as you can see in the above video from the male team the usual drama as well as clash of personalities. The tenth season of the show begins at 9pm tonight on bbc1 with a second episode at the same time tomorrow and with more apprentices to start the show this year their is a good chance many could be leaving soon.

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"Survivor" Will Survive For Two More Years

CBS has announced that they have ordered two more seasons of its “Survivor” reality show. The show hosted by Jeff Probst has had an amazing run with its 13th installment just recently ended. The last installment “Survivor: Cook Islands” performed well with an average of 15.8 million viewers in the 18-49 age group. The next installment the 14th edition “Survivor:Fiji” premieres on February 8th.

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