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Hell’s Kitchen Heading To Las Vegas

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsey has announced that his hit FOX television show “Hell’s Kitchen” will be making the move to Las Vegas; The location being the Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant which is located on the Strip right in front of Caesars Palace. Gordon Ramsey made the announcement at the slightly delayed one year anniversary party of the restaurant during which he said that the 19th and 20th season of the show will be filmed at the restaurant. While the actual shooting dates of the show haven’t been announced but he said they will be beginning very soon.

Since opening the January opening last year the Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant has been very popular with the 300 seat restaurant having served over 400,000 guests in a restaurant that is very similar to the sound stage where the current series has been filmed. By filming in the Las Vegas restaurant there will be plenty of people around to fill the restaurant during taping but filming a popular television show Strip side with huge crowds of people in the nearby area could be challenging but im sure it will work out

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Wayward Pines From FOX

The creepy and intense psychological thriller Wayward Pines by M Night Shyamalan which is based on the best selling novels by Blake Crouch, makes its return to the FOX network next Wednesday May 25th for its second season. The basic story is about a Secret Service agent on a mission to find two missing federal employees but of course the story expands from there. The show takes over the time period formally used by for the hit FOX show Empire for a ten episode arc. A lot of the cast from season one of the show make brief appearances in season two although no Matt Dillion and executive produce M Night Shyamalan doesn’t direct any episodes this season like he did last season which is a disappointment. The aforementioned changes as well as the fact that the show has a new show runner Mark Friedman are a lot of changes for a show that is only about to start its second season hopefully all these changes wont mess with the creepy charm the show had in its first season.

Returns to FOX Wednesday May 25th (Video Courtesy Of FOX Broadcasting)

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Simpsons Tribute To Charlie Hebdo


Episodes of the Simpsons are made well in advance of the episode being shown on FOX, but even so they added a tribute to the victims of the Charlie Hebdo tragedy on Paris on Sundays show. The simple clip above was added at the end of the episode showing the youngest child Maggie holding a banner with Je Suis Charlie with the French flag colors in the background. The simple tribute is very reminiscent of the French Revolution as well as the famous Les Miserable show posters. This isn’t the first time the long running Simpsons has added something to a finished episode to reference a current event and is a fitting tribute to the fellow cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo. (The above video was courtesy of The Buzz on You Tube)

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Coca Cola And American Idol Part Ways

Coca Cola have announced that they will part ways and no longer be a sponsor of FOX’s American Idol after sponsoring the show for its whole 13 years. When the show returns for its 14th season in January the familiar red coke glasses in front of the judges will be gone although another long time sponsor Ford has said they will returning for the 14th season. American Idol once a ratings juggernaut has seen its ratings slip over many years and still get a sizable audience but Coca Cola may have decided its time to use the advertising money somewhere else.

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Utopia Cancelled By FOX


The huge reported $50 million bet by FOX on the elaborate reality show Utopia is over as FOX has pulled the plug and canceled the show. The show where a group of people was put together to build a community from scratch, has struggled in the ratings ever since its August debut as well as getting not great reviews. Utopia was a huge production with 130 robotic cameras filming around the clock and streaming to its website which as since been closed down. The cancelation of Utopia isn’t really a surprise as the ratings were so poor for all the promotion all the show got, the question really was at which point would FOX cancel the show. FOX was hoping for the next Survivor or Big Brother but it’s been a while since a new big network reality show became a hit since the Voice in 2011 on NBC. The big question for network executives is if the boom in reality shows is over or if this just an issue with people not being interested in this one show.

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Has "American Idol" Lost Its Edge?

First of all i must say i enjoy “American Idol” and have watched it over many seasons but this year seems a little lackluster. Even ignoring the fact that Sanjaya shouldn’t have been in the finals and, having to watch him every week. At least Sanjaya made the show interesting in recent weeks the performances have been dull and uninspired to say the least. The Latin Week as well as the week with Tony Bennett were probably the two worse weeks as far as performances went. I have read that it is being said that the talent pool of really amazing singers is drying up for the long running show but i don’t think that is the case. On the show this year you have three really good female singers although a lot of the time their performances seem safe and not that exciting. Taylor Hicks last seasons winner didn’t have a voice that blew you away but he put in solid performances which were entertaining to watch. I hope that now we are down to the last few contestants they can step it up and make there performances more exciting otherwise we will have a dull finale.

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"America Idol" Another Contestant Voted Off

On last nights “American Idol” another contestant left after receiving the fewest votes. Brandon Rogers left after forgetting his words on his performance on Tuesday nights broadcast. Brandon Rogers forgot the words to the Motown classic “You Can’t Hurry Love.” One of the judges Simon Cowell wasn’t a fan of Brandon and said he lacked charisma and i agree because his performances were unexciting. Diana Ross coached the performers this week and last week she appeared on the show and sang “More Today Than Yesterday,” off her new CD. I would have preferred than she sang one of her classic songs but oh well.

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