Big Brother All Stars On CBS

Before season four of Big Brother on CBS I would watch occasionally but from then onwards I got hooked. The show if you are not familiar is a reality show where people or houseguests as they are called are locked in a specially constructed house for the summer with cameras everywhere filming everything that goes on. The house guests compete against each other for things such as Head Of Household or Power Of Veto both of which have the power to alter the game. Each week usually one person is voted out by the other guests and has to leave the house. A jury of ex house guests votes for who will win the grand prize out of the last two members in the house. In the house alliances form and people back stab and lie to each other in order to stay in the house; The show is like Survivor in that respect but much more intense because of the close quarters and also without tribes the line on alliances is less clear. This season is the all star season with houseguests from past seasons competing against each other. Four members of last season Season Six went in and had an alliance together plus they were good at winning competitions so they should have easily got rid of the other members; But of course they made stupid discussions which costed them so now we are down to the last four with one member of Season Six left. The show is like being a fly on the wall and watching how people manipulate each other to get closer to the prize money. Im sure Freud would have found this show interesting in the study of people, I don’t know what it says about me but I cannot miss an episode.

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