GLOW Moved To Las Vegas

Netflix’s  hit show Glow which stands for Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling has moved for its third season to Las Vegas. The show which is set in the 1980’s follows the fictionalized careers of professional women wrestlers as they compete for GLOW. 

The third season recently premiered on Netflix and, all ten episodes in Sin City are available for streaming to get your fix of wrestling, spandex and Las Vegas in the 1980’s. 

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Hell’s Kitchen Heading To Las Vegas

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsey has announced that his hit FOX television show “Hell’s Kitchen” will be making the move to Las Vegas; The location being the Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant which is located on the Strip right in front of Caesars Palace. Gordon Ramsey made the announcement at the slightly delayed one year anniversary party of the restaurant during which he said that the 19th and 20th season of the show will be filmed at the restaurant. While the actual shooting dates of the show haven’t been announced but he said they will be beginning very soon.

Since opening the January opening last year the Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant has been very popular with the 300 seat restaurant having served over 400,000 guests in a restaurant that is very similar to the sound stage where the current series has been filmed. By filming in the Las Vegas restaurant there will be plenty of people around to fill the restaurant during taping but filming a popular television show Strip side with huge crowds of people in the nearby area could be challenging but im sure it will work out

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Sense 8 Cancelled By Netflix

Netflix has announced that they are canceling their edgy sci-fi show Sense8 after two seasons. The show revolves around eight people from all over the world that have a connection that allows them to tap in to one another’s thought’s and skill’s; Because of this mental connection the group can share their life together which sounds interesting and, a little scary I must admit. The group doesn’t enjoy a relaxing time though as they are hunted by a mysterious organization. If you haven’t checked out the show and, have a Netflix account you can always check out the twenty-three episodes of the two seasons they have. (Video Courtesy Of Netflix)

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Wayward Pines From FOX

The creepy and intense psychological thriller Wayward Pines by M Night Shyamalan which is based on the best selling novels by Blake Crouch, makes its return to the FOX network next Wednesday May 25th for its second season. The basic story is about a Secret Service agent on a mission to find two missing federal employees but of course the story expands from there. The show takes over the time period formally used by for the hit FOX show Empire for a ten episode arc. A lot of the cast from season one of the show make brief appearances in season two although no Matt Dillion and executive produce M Night Shyamalan doesn’t direct any episodes this season like he did last season which is a disappointment. The aforementioned changes as well as the fact that the show has a new show runner Mark Friedman are a lot of changes for a show that is only about to start its second season hopefully all these changes wont mess with the creepy charm the show had in its first season.

Returns to FOX Wednesday May 25th (Video Courtesy Of FOX Broadcasting)

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Westworld Teaser Released

The above teaser trailer is for the new HBO series coming next year based on the 1973 movie penned by Michael Crichton ‘Westworld’ which had Yul Brynner as the lead. In the original movie a character played by actor James Brolin and his friend visit an expensive futuristic theme park where they visit the old west and all the towns residents are robots. The robots go out of control and start attacking the guests with Yul Brynner as the robotic gunslinger who chases James Brolin. Michael Crichton must have something against theme parks as he also wrote Jurrasic Park but in this take the viewpoint is from the robot hosts of the park, can robots have feelings and emotions i guess we will have to wait and find out. The series looks slick like all HBO series but it will be interesting to see if we can get emotionally attached to the robot characters in this promising looking sci fi series coming to HBO next year. (Video courtesy of HBO)

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Game Of Thrones Episode Eight

Last weeks episode of Game Of Thrones on HBO was action packed and included the surprise ending where Cerci was turned on by her religious sect allies and thrown in a cell. Tonight’s episode should be action packed and it seems the drama and action is building as we get closer to the end of the season. Tonight’s episode is on at 9 pm et/pt on also available on HBO Now and HBO Go. (Video courtesy of HBO and Game Of Thrones)

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UKTV: Eastenders Summer Trailer

The above video is a trailer for the long running BBC One soap opera Eastenders showing some of the upcoming drama for over the Summer. The show has been struggling over recent times with cast changes and slipping ratings which will hopefully improve. This trailer does showcase some of the upcoming drama but improving the ratings over the traditional slow period of Summer will be tough. The key to a soap opera is stability with the old favorites and then you add in newer interesting characters some may become old favorites but many will be around for a while and then leave once their story arc is over. The problem with Eastenders at the moment is with so many long running characters having left, their is less connection with the past and some longtime viewers may leave with them. I hope Eastenders picks up after the slower Summer months and, ratings improve for a show with such a long history it would be a shame to see it gone. [Video Courtesy Of The BBC]

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David Letterman’s Final Goodbye

Last night a true television legend recorded his show for the last time as David Letterman said his final goodbyes on the Late Show on CBS. The reason why David was so good was his style from his self-deprecating humor to his laid back approach he never took himself too serious. There are too many funny moments over his long career on NBC and CBS to mention; But the most emotional had to be the first show back after the terror attacks of 9-11 and the emotion as well as anger he showed was how many of us were feeling at the time and, from a guy nearly always in control helped us get through it. David Letterman you will be missed and we wish you the best of luck in the future.  [Video Courtesy of David Letterman, Worldwide Pants and CBS]

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