Netflix has announced that they are canceling their edgy sci-fi show Sense8 after two seasons. The show revolves around eight people from all over the world that have a connection that allows them to tap in to one another’s thought’s and skill’s; Because of this mental connection the group can share their life together which sounds interesting and, a little scary I must admit. The group doesn’t enjoy a relaxing time though as they are hunted by a mysterious organization. If you haven’t checked out […]

The creepy and intense psychological thriller Wayward Pines by M Night Shyamalan which is based on the best selling novels by Blake Crouch, makes its return to the FOX network next Wednesday May 25th for its second season. The basic story is about a Secret Service agent on a mission to find two missing federal employees but of course the story expands from there. The show takes over the time period formally used by for the hit FOX show Empire for a ten episode arc. A […]

The above teaser trailer is for the new HBO series coming next year based on the 1973 movie penned by Michael Crichton ‘Westworld’ which had Yul Brynner as the lead. In the original movie a character played by actor James Brolin and his friend visit an expensive futuristic theme park where they visit the old west and all the towns residents are robots. The robots go out of control and start attacking the guests with Yul Brynner as the robotic gunslinger who chases James Brolin. […]

Last weeks episode of Game Of Thrones on HBO was action packed and included the surprise ending where Cerci was turned on by her religious sect allies and thrown in a cell. Tonight’s episode should be action packed and it seems the drama and action is building as we get closer to the end of the season. Tonight’s episode is on at 9 pm et/pt on also available on HBO Now and HBO Go. (Video courtesy of HBO and Game Of Thrones) It’s only fair to share…

The above video is a trailer for the long running BBC One soap opera Eastenders showing some of the upcoming drama for over the Summer. The show has been struggling over recent times with cast changes and slipping ratings which will hopefully improve. This trailer does showcase some of the upcoming drama but improving the ratings over the traditional slow period of Summer will be tough. The key to a soap opera is stability with the old favorites and then you add in newer interesting characters some […] Last night a true television legend recorded his show for the last time as David Letterman said his final goodbyes on the Late Show on CBS. The reason why David was so good was his style from his self-deprecating humor to his laid back approach he never took himself too serious. There are too many funny moments over his long career on NBC and CBS to mention; But the most emotional had to be the first show back after the terror attacks of 9-11 and the emotion […]

The news recently concerning The Simpsons on FOX has been about the longtime voice of twenty or so of the characters Harry Shearer leaving the show. The discussion in the press has been about replacing him or even in some places canceling the show as his voices are such huge of the show. Well fans of Homer, Bart and the rest of the family don’t need to worry as FOX have announced they are renewing the longest running scripted television show for seasons 27 and […] As a young kid in the 1970’s i remember fondly the original ‘Muppet Show’ which was a variety show with a different celebrity guest each week interacting with the muppets. Now after several movies over the years ABC has resurrected the muppets with a new show this fall simply called ‘the muppets.’ The new show other than having one of the best trailers for new fall shows also shows the muppets outside their variety show in their personal lives and interacting with humans which […]

Its finally official the reboot of the corny class family show ‘Full House’ is coming to Netflix after several months of rumors. The shows reboot has been given the go ahead by the online service with thirteen new episodes of the former ABC comedy. In the above video of an appearance on the Jimmie Kimmel Live show, John Stamos  describes that first episode will be more of a reunion show and then later episodes showcasing three of the girls from the original show with their kids, so kind of […]

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